About Us

Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival

What makes the Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival a little different is that we don't invite filmmakers to the initial festival. Movies are screened only for judges. The accepted films are known as "Official Selections", these films screen in front of a series of judges at a private screening facility and no filmmakers are allowed to be present there.  The judges then select the winners and the nominees and then the selected are invited to come to the award ceremony located in the Midtown area of New York City to claim their award. The winning films and nominated films can be screened at the award ceremony or associated screening events, but in some situations we may show only the trailer or a few highlights of the film for the audience to see a little bit of the film. The award ceremony is also attended by guests & speakers in the film, music, art, science and technology community and discussions and demonstrations of innovations in those fields are displayed there.

Our aim is to promote individuals involved on pushing the boundaries of film, science, technology, art, music and sound. Our aim is to recognize the achievments of these individuals and provide a respectable platform in which we can help them gain recognition.

We accept short films, feature films, documentaries, promotional videos, corporate videos & music videos of any type leaning heavily toward a better understanding of science, the universe, technology, art and ourselves. Films with innovative usage of  sound, visuals and/or innovative sound editing, visual effects, and/or music, music mixing or a variety of any of the above. At our award ceremony filmmakers can Q+A with audience members and discuss the filmmaking process. Join us at the Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival, as we go where no festival has gone before.

You can submit your film to us if it embraces our core values of vision, design, art, sound, music, science and techology and if your film fits any of the following lengths:

  • Short Films 0 - 23 minutes
  • Feature Films 24 - 150 minutes
  • Documentaries 0 - 120 minutes
  • Promotional Videos 0 - 15 minutes
  • Corporate Videos 0 - 15 minutes
  • Music Videos 0 - 5 minutes
To submit your film, please visit our Submissions page.